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Our Belief

At Leather & Thread, we don’t subscribe to the mass production, throwaway culture that we see increasingly today.

We believe that the products we buy should be unique, they should be designed to last a lifetime and get better with age.

We are firm supporters of considerate consumerism, and we make a concerted effort to minimise the effect that our work has on the environment. All of our materials and processes are carefully selected to ensure we stay true to this belief.

Every leather skin that passes through the Leather & Thread workshop to make our handmade leather items is a by-product of animals that have been farmed organically for human consumption. We only use natural vegetable-tanned leather that has been produced using traditional, environmentally-friendly techniques. Where possible, we source our materials locally, from small independent businesses, and all of our packaging is made from recycled materials

By investing in a Leather & Thread item you are making a stand against the throwaway culture we live in and in doing so helping us to stay true to our belief.