All of our handmade leather items are treated with pure Neatsfoot oil to restore the oils lost during the tanning process and finished with our own handmade Leather & Thread Leather Balm before they leave our workshop. There is no need to apply any additional oils or conditioners to our items, with use your hand oils will naturally condition the leather over time.

If you do wish to give your Leather & Thread item a bit of extra TLC our Leather Balm is available to purchase under accessories. This can be applied with a soft cloth to nourish and condition the leather and once dried buffed to a subtle shine.

If your item gets wet don’t panic, dab it off and leave it to dry out naturally at room temperature. Once dry apply a coat of our Leather Balm to nourish and condition the leather and restore its water and stain resistant finish.

If your item needs a bit of a spruce up we recommend cleaning it with warm water and a little saddle soap before applying a coat of our Leather Balm to bring it back to it’s former glory.

We recommend not over stuffing our handmade leather items to prolong their life, carrying only what you need. With use the leather we use to make our items will soften and stretch, moulding to fit the contents perfectly.​​​​​