No. 1 Wallet in Brown


Product information

Our take on the classic billfold wallet, the No. 1 Wallet is a slim handmade leather wallet. Constructed from just two pieces of leather, stitched with waxed thread. The edges are burnished by hand and sealed with natural beeswax.

The wallet consists of two card slots that will hold several cards in each, more when broken in, with a back pocket for cash and receipts. This unique design has allowed us to create the thinnest profile possible for a billfold wallet, without sacrificing any of the functionality.

Size: 11.5cm wide x 9cm high.

Our handmade leather wallets are designed to last a lifetime and get better with age. With use the leather will soften, moulding to fit the contents of the wallet perfectly.

All of our items are handmade to order. Due to the nature of our work we require a 2 to 4 day Edit Production time. You will receive a shipping confirmation via email once your order has been dispatched.
Condition: New