Our Philosophy

At Leather & Thread we don't believe in big bulky wallets stuffed full of old receipts, antique train tickets and never-been-used loyalty cards. We don't believe in transparent ID pockets, unless you happen to work for the FBI who really needs one? We don't believe in little coin pockets full of shrapnel, you already have a pocket for coins at the back of your jeans. And no one looks cool digging around in their wallet for small change.

We don't believe in suitcase-sized purses filled with everything but the kitchen sink, the kind that weigh you down everywhere you go, that don't fit in any of your going out bags and take forever to find anything in.

There is even a condition called wallet sciatica which can be triggered by sitting for periods of time with a bulky wallet in your back pocket, resulting in the sciatic nerve to become compressed causing pain, tingling and numbness in the buttocks descending the lower thigh and into the leg.  A bulky wallet is literally a pain in the arse.

Our philosophy is to reduce your everyday carry to what you actually need. We carried out extensive customer research and found that the average person only really needs six to eight cards and some cash on a daily basis.

All of our handmade leather wallets, purses and card holders are designed on this principle with function in mind. We don't use separate leather pockets to divide your cards like most commercial wallets and purses, instead our items stack them together allowing us to create a much thinner profile with easier access to your cards.

Take a stand and make your daily carry relevant. Only take what you need with you, and keep a home wallet or purse for all of your additional pocket clutter. 

Trust us, you will never look back.