Our Story

Founded in 2012, Leather & Thread is as much a passion as it is a brand. This is the story of how it all began. But it's not finished yet, this is just the fist chapter.

As a child our founder Simon Glenday had a collection of old leather wallets that he kept in a shoe box under his bed – items of all sorts of shapes and sizes, assembled from car boot sales, village fetes, charity shops and hand-me-downs from friends and family.

He was captivated by the way the leather moulded with use and developed markings that told the story of the item and the life it had lived.

He developed a true passion for leather and, in particular, vegetable-tanned leather. He fell in love with its beautiful natural colour, the unique scars and markings left by the animal’s life and the traditional methods used to produce the leather hides.

He began working with leather in his early teens and quickly fell in love with time-honoured leathercraft techniques and traditional hand tools. He soon developed his own unique style and, through much trial and error, his own small collection of handmade leather wallets. This quickly grew into a range of small handmade leather goods and accessories, including belts, purses, wallets and card holders.

Our brand began its life as a sketch on a scrap of paper. The name coming from our two favourite materials: vegetable tanned leather and waxed thread. Leather & Thread was born. Since then we have always taken great care to stay true to our original beliefs and never selling out for profit. We still carefully cut every item by hand; punch every hole one by one and hand sew every stitch.

We have now grown into a small team of skilled artisans working out of our workshop in the UK. Simon is still our head leather worker here at Leather & Thread and an item will never leave the workshop without receiving his final seal of approval. His passion still flows through everything we do.